Miffy is a 3 year old Lionhead and Dwarf mix bunny living in NYC. 

Miffy is a mini style-setter and bunny model who knows the importance of finding the best Instagram spots and poses wherever he goes!

He loves fashion, traveling with his humans, and exploring pet-friendly locations in NYC and wherever his adventures takes him! 

Miffy enjoys collaborating with like-minded brands and using his influence to support charitable efforts in his local community and beyond.

Miffy has been featured on the NewsMax TV, The Oprah Magazine, Harper's Bazarr, Liberty Times News, Do NYC, Mercedes Benz, 9gag, Power Of Positivity, Naturee, Happy TV, and number of other media outlets. He’s collaborated with brands like Monster Products, Voodoo Makeup, PetCube, Nasaden Luggage, MoonStone Rug (commercial) and many more!